VAT relief

If you are purchasing fewer than 200 disposable pads / pants or 50 washable products, your order is zero rated for VAT. For quantities above these limits, VAT is charged unless you claim VAT relief.

You cannot claim the VAT relief if you are purchasing for a non-charitable care or welfare provider or institution such as a nursing home or hospital, or for any other commercial purpose.

You are eligible for VAT relief on your order if: 

You are purchasing these incontinence protection products for yourself or a member of your immediate familwho suffers from a chronic incontinence condition for your own or their personal use in managing that condition.


You, or the person for whom you are making this purchase, are not an in-patient or resident of an institution such as a hospital or nursing care home.

VAT relief can be claimed on the Checkout page (if it is applicable) and if you are registered, you can manage in your account.

Note: VAT relief does not apply to Skincare, Cleansing products and Bibs.  

More information about VAT relief on our products can be found on the HMRC website – VAT reliefs for disabled people: VAT Notice 701/7. Please click here